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We think it's time the Wix Partner community gets rewarded for great design and development. Unlock passive income by creating great websites and letting us handle the rest!

Sell your Wix Studio Templates

Benefits of selling with us

We'll handle the manual bits!
Done-for-you marketing
No strings attached,  just real passive income.
Weekly Payouts
Being a part of a highly curated marketplace
It's an 80/20 split! 

How it works

We cover transfers, payouts and marketing to make sure we're driving traffic to your template! 🤌

Your template goes LIVE 🥳

Submit your Template 💻

Once approved we'll send you an email to set up your account 🤖

An Illustation
  • Yes, we find that Wix Studio is the future of Wix development and therefore only accept well-built Wix Studio templates.

  • We take 20% of every sale. Included in this cost is handling the manual nature of Wix Studio transfers. We're all praying for the day that we can just transfer a site with a link... soon... we hope.

  • We aim to release funds weekly and are currently building out a more manual system to make this process smoother.

  • - Well designed and easy to customise. We recommend you work closely with your theme manager to ensure that customer can quickly insert their brand into your design.
    - Responsive. The number one reason we don't accept a template is  because of responsiveness.
    - An obvious understanding of design principles and user intuition.
    - be a Wix Partner. Being in the know of all things Wix is pretty important.

  • You can submit multiple templates, however we only add 1-3 templates every week. If your templates does not sell in the first 60 days ,it will be removed.

  • We recommend staying between £50-£500. 
    Deciding factors are:

    • Page count

    • Added Features (CMS, Store, Bookings etc)

    • Design and interaction complexity

    • Industry

    • Includes a customisation tutorial?

  • To help customers better understand how to use your template and any custom features you've built, we suggest adding a quick tutorial video to your template. To make sure it won't get lost in between transfers, please add it to a hidden page on your build.

  • A link to your website will be provided on the templates' shop page. So we predict you will get the odd email question here and there. However we do make it clear that customisation is the responsibility of the buyer and that no refunds can be issued. To mitigate this - we highly suggest a tutorial be sent with a site.

  • Due to the manual nature of the website transfer (whoop whoop), we'll need to be able to duplicate and share your template with customers. It won't be used for any other reasons. Scouts honour!

Answers to your Questions.


We'd love to help you make passive income!

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